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Just Causes

A Portion of Green Lizard Australia® sales goes to supporting these worthy causes:


Australian Koala Foundation

Helping to save one of the best known Aussie Icons: The Koala

It’s hard to believe but Australia’s koalas are urgently in need of help. Koalas are in serious decline as a result of relentless habitat destruction, road accidents, bush fires, domestic dog attacks and disease. At one stage there were 10,000,000 koalas in the wild. Today numbers are estimated at around 50,000 with local extinctions happening daily. Please help this unique, beautiful and gentle Aussie icon survive where they belong, in the bush. If you would like to help visit and Foster a real Koala or help to plant a tree. 

The Princes Rainforest Project


Helping to save the Rainforests: The Princes Rainforest Project

Tropical rainforests absorb nearly a fifth of all man-made CO2 emissions around the world, which helps greatly to minimize the of climate change. However, these same rainforests are currently being destroyed at the rate of an area the size of a football pitch every four seconds. Saving the rainforests will give the world a better chance to achieve its goals of stabilizing climate change, while also preserving important ecosystem benefits, not to mention the fact that over one billion of the poorest people on Earth depend on the rainforests for their livelihoods.

Breast Cancer Awareness


Helping to save our Loved Ones: Breast Cancer Awareness  

Since 1940 the number of cancers has increased in all industrialized counties in the United States. This trend, which has picked up speed since 1975, is particularly striking in the young. In the United States, between 1975 and 1994, the cancer rate in women under forty-five has risen by 1.6% a year and even more so in men (by 1.8%). In some European countries, such as France, the cancer rate has increased by 60% over the last twenty years. It is arguable that the increase in cancer incidents around the world is a result of a changing environment. This is not meant in the way of global warming, but in the sense that human habits are changing. The general director of the World Health Organization once concluded: "Up to 80% of the cancers may be influenced by external factors, such as lifestyle and environment."

Steve and Terri Irwin's - Wildlife Warriors Worldwide

Helping to save our Animals and their Natural Environments:
Steve and Terri Irwin's - Wildlife Warriors Worldwide

Wildlife Warriors Worldwide Ltd was established in 2002, initially by Steve and Terri Irwin, as a way to involve other caring people to support the protection of injured, threatened or endangered wildlife - from the individual to an entire species.

Planet Ark

Helping to make the most of our Planets valuable Resources: Planet Ark

Planet Ark's campaigns have been developed to address serious environmental issues in a practical and straight-forward way. Reaching ordinary members of the public through the media, educational resources and through partnerships with businesses, councils, community groups, schools and environmental groups, encouraging people to bring about environmental change in our everyday lives.

Green Lizard Australia™ - Supports the following Causes
It's not just about the boots, it's also about the planet they walk on. That's why a portion of our sales go to supporting these worthy causes...
Green Lizard Australia™ - Supports the following Causes Green Lizard Australia™ - Supports the following Causes Green Lizard Australia™ - Supports the following Causes Green Lizard Australia™ - Supports the following Causes Green Lizard Australia™ - Supports the following Causes
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