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From the moment I received my ‘Green Lizard Australia’ boots from the ‘Classic Range’ I have been, and still am delighted. So much so, a friend of mine who is a shoe specialist, tells me I haven’t stopped smiling since first putting them on my feet!! This is unsurprising, given I have a high instep, so the real arch support which these boots have, benefits me immensely. Not only are they a beautiful neutral rich chocolate in colour, they’re warm and insulated and unlike other brands of boots, there isn’t any restriction behind the calf meaning I have free leg movement. ‘Green Lizard Australia’ sheepskin boots are lovely and light to wear, the circulation in my feet feels great, and I can take a good three mile walk in them and still feel as comfortable as if I am wearing them around my home.  More than this, I have found my circulatory energy has increased and I even feel my posture is improving. 
Green Lizard Australia’ sheepskin boots are beautifully architected. Being a professional fashion designer it is important for me to be able to voice this. I am having absolutely no hesitation in recommending and urging family and good friends of mine to own at least one pair of ‘Green Lizard Australia’ sheepskin boots.
They are true to size and my boots fitted me instantly


Peter Jago - Australia’s ‘Most Flamboyant’ Millinery Designer (Melbourne, Australia)



Thank you so much for allowing me the pleasure of trying out your new range of genuine Australian sheepskin boots. As you know, I am a confirmed addict for this style of foot ware, already owning a pair bought on Circular Quay in Sydney (oh please can I go back soon?) and 3 pairs of the other branded ones from here in the UK. In addition I have bought these boots for my daughter and also my Mum. I was therefore; rather shocked to discover that what I thought was an Aussie product was in fact now an American brand!  

Now I love the States, have spent many fantastic holidays there and was even lucky enough to obtain  (via my NHS CEO programme) a short stint in Boston studying at The Public Health Faculty of Harvard University.... BUT if I had wanted American boots I would have gotten them there... I had thought that by buying a big brand I was buying Aussie products! So when you told me about Green Lizard Sheepskin Boots  I was initially a little skeptical .. where they a) really Australian and b) ethically made.

A quick look at the informative website assuaged those concerns somewhat and I was really interested to note that environmental charities within this beautiful continent would also benefit from the success of these products – always a plus to someone who loves Australia and its flora and fauna. So I get my boots to try and what a joy! exactly as stated on the website, well crafted, beautifully enhanced with an indigenous artwork design, the softest sheepskin and the bliss (for someone who suffers with foot and heel problems) of that memory foam sole and heel pad; plus unlike my experience with the aforementioned "other brands" no uncomfortable tightness created by the sewing method used to attach the leg piece of the boot to the foot piece. What can I say but “ thanks mates” and well done on these excellent and genuine Aussie boots with every best wish for Green Lizard Australia success


Jill Ashley-Jones - MSc,BA,RN,RSPHN,CMIOSH,ONHD, OHNC,MPSNLP,DHyp,MAC (United Kingdom)  






I love my Green Lizard Australia sheepskin boots. They are the best things I've ever had on my feet. Okay my introduction to them was during the coldest winter in England for decades so they were never off my feet...indoors and out. Why were they great? I could wear them around the house and they never felt "heavy". I wore them outdoors and my feet were toasty. People asked me where I bought them because they look stylish and unlike other boots, have the look of an outdoor hard wearing boot without feeling like I was wearing a hiking boot!


Whenever I put them on the sheepskin pile is still magically fluffy...not compacted and hard like a synthetic or cheap sheepskin. They never rub and give me sore feet. I wear them without socks or hose which means feet feel fresher. I spilt water on them and it just melted away leaving the boot as good as new. These things are magical footwear. I love them.


Jill Richardson Australian Koala Foundation (Brisbane, Australia)


I purchased a pair of Koala Sheepskin boots (gray) and they were so incredibly comfortable that I decided I couldn't get through the eastern winter without a pair of the chocolate color as well. I have been wearing sheepskin boots of all different brands for years now but NEVER have I worn any that were not only instantly comfortable but have real traction on the soles - the day my boots arrived we had a huge snowstorm here and it is the first time in years I felt completely confident trudging through the messy, icy Manhattan streets without fear of falling. 

Nora, New York, NY


Well, my boots just arrived this afternoon.........................................................
To say I am loved up, chuffed to bits & over the moon is an understatement! They are completely delicious, snug, warm & wearing them out, in an inch of thawing snow, to deliver local Christmas cards, was bliss! Sure-footed for sure & thrilled, thank you!

Elaine, Sussex, UK


Perfect Service, nice Team and absolutely incredible super Boots. I love them.
Thanks a lot.

Andrea, Meerbusch, Germany


Thank you for your email regarding my order. My boots have now arrived and I am absolutely delighted with them . I spent a long time looking for the right boots and am so glad I chose Green Lizard. Perfection in boot form!  

Torren, Cornwall, UK


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