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Real Aussies Wear Green Lizard Australia™

The humble Australian sheepskin boot is today sold all over the world and has become a Multi Billion dollar industry. Unfortunately for Australians, many international companies manufacture and sell our Aussie Icon and generate hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue each year with very little, if any, benefit to the country that gave birth to this World famous Aussie Icon


Most Australian based companies are not able to compete internationally but  Green Lizard Australia®, with its innovative features and unsurpassed quality is on a mission to be "The" Australian Sheepskin boot. We feel that the time has arrived for a Real Australian-owned company to take back our Aussie Icon. To do this we must produce a better product than our competition and educate the international markets that "Real Aussies Wear Green Lizard Australia™"


"For the last decade, as a proud Australian myself, I have competed with the largest companies in the business and by making a vastly superior product, I have been able to gain considerable market share thus proving Australian sheepskin boots can be successfully marketed against even the largest of competitors. After all, consumers are always looking for a better product and many will buy better over brand, when they have the choice"


Paul Barclay



Disclaimer - always use the generic name “Sheepskin Boots to describe our boots.



Tottie Goldsmith in her Koala boots

Tottie Goldsmith

Peta Toppano in her Snowy River Tall boots

Real Aussies Wear Green Lizard Australia™ 





Peta Toppano

Here's what our Famous Aussie Friends are saying about us

Val Lehman in her own "Signature boots"

 Tottie Goldsmith

 Peta Toppano

Mark Mitchell as "Con the Fruiterer"

Val Lehman - Actor and Green Lizard Australia Brand Ambassador

Triple Australian Logie Winner

Star of Prisoner Cell Block H


"I am thrilled and humbled to been chosen by Green Lizard Australia, to be their 'Brand Ambassador' to join them in their fight for a 'Fair Go' to make sure a quintessential Australian Icon made by an Australian firm, from Australian materials, can take its proper place and be recognised in the world as ‘The’ Australian Sheepskin Boot"


Website for Val Lehman:

Tottie Goldsmith - Actor, Singer and Australian TV and Radio Host


"I swear that these Green Lizard Australia boots are THE most comfortable, warm & delicious things I have EVER worn. I dread taking them off when I have to wear 'street' shoes and would strongly recommend everyone has a pair."


Website for Tottie Goldsmith:

Peta Toppano - Actor, Singer and Dancer


"I am crazy about my Green Lizard Australia sheepskin boots - and they have not left my feet since arriving in the UK where I was presented with a really lovely pair. 

Note to Aussies: They are not what you may have had in the past in any way!! They are REALLY cool and can be worn with just about anything.  As a patriotic Australian who loves our outdoor and indoor lifestyle I can thoroughly recommend them. So c’mon guys lets get behind Green Lizard Australia!"


Website for Peta Toppano:


Mark Mitchell - Actor, Comedian, aka "Con The Fruiterer" 


"Why should you feets get all the lovin?"


Website for Mark Mitchell:
(Coming Soon)

Jackie Woodburne

Jordy Lucas

Valentina Novakovic Stefan Dennis

Jackie Woodburne - Actor, currently plays Susan Kennedy in Neighbours


"My Green Lizards have been a lifesaver this winter. On the concrete floor, in a cold rehearsal room, they are like walking on air. (and SO warm)"


Website for Jackie Woodburne:

Jordy Lucas - Actor, currently plays Summer Hoyland in Neighbours


"Great quality, really warm and look great! I love my Green Lizard boots!"


Website for Jordy Lucas:

Valentina Novakovic - Actor, currently plays Natasha in Neighbours


"Waking up on cold early winter morning and throwing on my warm Green Lizard boots makes the day a lot easier."


Website for Valentina Novakovic:

Stefan Dennis - Actor, currently plays Paul Robinson in Neighbours


"Winters used used to be so cold for toesies...brr! But now, thanks to my Green Lizards my feet are lovely and cozy."


Website for Stefan Dennis:




Making the Scene - What People are saying about us

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It's not just about the boots, it's also about the planet they walk on. That's why a portion of our sales go to supporting these worthy causes...
Green Lizard Australia™ - Supports the following Causes Green Lizard Australia™ - Supports the following Causes Green Lizard Australia™ - Supports the following Causes Green Lizard Australia™ - Supports the following Causes Green Lizard Australia™ - Supports the following Causes
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