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Real Aussies Wear Green Lizard Australia™

Real Aussies Wear Green Lizard Australia™ 





Here's what our Famous Aussie Friends are saying about us - (Page Two) 

Kirsty Child

 Peter Jago

 Jentah Sobott

Judith McGrath

 Kirsty Child - Actor


"I love my Green Lizards! They are on my feet first thing in the welcome during this cold Melbourne winter. Wonderfully comfortable and snug....and they look pretty good too! Thank you for a real Aussie treat".


Website for Kirsty Child:






Peter Jago - Australia’s ‘Most Flamboyant’ Millinery Designer


"From the moment I received my ‘Green Lizard Australia’ boots from the ‘Classic Range’ I have been, and still am delighted. So much so, a friend of mine who is a shoe specialist, tells me I haven’t stopped smiling since first putting them on my feet!! This is unsurprising, given I have a high instep, so the real arch support which these boots have, benefits me immensely. 
Not only are they a beautiful neutral rich chocolate in colour, they’re warm and insulated and unlike other brands of boots,"...Click Here for More


Website for Peter Jago:


Jentah Sobott - Actor, Voice Coach


"Thank you so much for my 1st pair of Australian Sheepskin Boots. I'm certainly looking forward to bush, farm testing my new boots in the harsh, variable climatic conditions of the Victorian high country. The quality of the production of the Green Lizard boot is certainly impressive, never have I seen a sheepskin boot looking so sturdy along with the beautiful craftsmanship."


Website for Jentah Sobott:


Judith McGrath - Actor


"THANK YOU FOR MY SPLENDID GREEN LIZARD BOOTS. They are Soft, Comfortable, Cosy. The only downturn is - It makes it rather difficult to take them off, leave the house and unfortunately deal with the Real World.
But that is a discipline one must keep exercising. Of course, any help I can be endorsing this product, I shall. You have launched a wonderful Product!


Website for Judith McGrath:

Anne Phelan

Anne Phelan - O.A.M, Actor


"As I live in a very cold area of Victoria, and often need to go outside in cold and wet conditions, to bring in fire wood, I need not only warmth but sturdy soles and heels. 
My old mum once said that I tend to dress for comfort and not style, but with my new boots from Green Lizard Australia, I get the lot, and I just love them!"


Website for Anne Phelan:








Making the Scene - What People are saying about us

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It's not just about the boots, it's also about the planet they walk on. That's why a portion of our sales go to supporting these worthy causes...
Green Lizard Australia™ - Supports the following Causes Green Lizard Australia™ - Supports the following Causes Green Lizard Australia™ - Supports the following Causes Green Lizard Australia™ - Supports the following Causes Green Lizard Australia™ - Supports the following Causes
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