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The Green Lizard Australia® Brand


For around 100 years, the Sheepskin boot has been as much a part of the Australian heritage as the cowboy boot has been an icon of the American West and Green Lizard Australia®, is very much a part that proud Australian heritage.


Sheepskin expert and Green Lizard Australia's Founder and CEO, Paul Barclay, is a worldwide industry leader. No one has introduced more innovation into the Australian Sheepskin boot industry than Barclay. Gutsy enough to go up against the biggest competitors in the business, Barclay has altered the Sheepskin boot industry forever by setting new standards and introducing "Ground Breaking" World firsts. (click here to read more)


In 2003, Barclay launched a company called Warmbat® that was to quickly become the world's fastest growing brand of Australian Sheepskin boots. In just a few years, the company grew into the second largest in the world and was sold in over twenty countries.  His boots have been worn by an impressive list of World famous celebrities including, movie stars, musicians, company executives as well as TV and radio personalities.


In 2009, Barclay set his sights on a new brand, Green Lizard Australia®. His vision for his new company was to produce the finest Sheepskin boots on the planet while supporting various causes that would help save the planet, its people and the indigenous animals of Australia.

Green Lizard Australia™ Sheepskin boots are manufactured using the highest grade of Australian Sheepskin, renowned all over the World as the very best available. Green Lizard Australia® is committed to providing unique features while manufacturing the highest quality Australian Sheepskin boots available anywhere.


Management Team


Consumer demand for Australian Sheepskin boots is driven by the mystique of an authentic Australian icon. Green Lizard Australia® is the truly authentic choice to fill this demand. Being authentically Australian places us in a unique position, but it is only one of our company's strengths. Our most important assets lie in the strength and experience of our management team. Australian born Founder and CEO, Paul Barclay, has proven market experience.


Be assured that when you buy Green Lizard Australia® products you are being supported by a talented and experienced management team. This team has positioned the Green Lizard Australia® brand to provide you with a choice to offer the finest quality, "high-end" Australian Sheepskin boots. The market place is crowed with many companies trying to mimic authentic Australian Sheepskin boots offering inferior product and low prices. We offer the following points of difference that position Green Lizard Australia® as "The brand" to choose for discriminating consumers and retailers alike.




Green Lizard Australia® presents an outstanding product range with unique points of difference in fashion, quality, technology and construction. Added to our mix of fashion and quality is our commitment to building technologically comfortable and supportive boot designs not found in any other "high-end" brands. The construction of our boots from their proprietary insoles and ergonomic outsoles are designed to go beyond the consumer's expectations. These brand advantages are enhanced by our ability to deliver "market-right" prices while providing you a strong profit margin. Green Lizard Australia® is the perfect choice for your store and your customers alike.




Green Lizard Australia® understands that helping you to sell our products to consumers is a partnership. Our aggressive consumer advertising and marketing programs are a big part of our commitment to you. Additionally, we have developed an outstanding point-of-purchase (POP) program to help you promote, display and sell the Green Lizard Australia® product range effectively.


Green Lizard Australia® offers you:

  1. The World's Finest, Authentic, Genuine Australian Sheepskin Boots

  2. An alternative brand choice for the finest quality, Australian Sheepskin Boots

  3. Professional brand experienced management team

  4. Unique designs and new materials

  5. Technologically superior boots for superior performance

  6. "Market right" prices with strong profit margins

  7. Aggressive consumer advertising and marketing support

  8. Point-of-sale program to support in store sales

Green Lizard Australia, the finest sheepskin boots on planet Earth...Baa None!®


Disclaimer - always use the generic name “Sheepskin Boots to describe our boots.  


Green Lizard Australia™ - Supports the following Causes
It's not just about the boots, it's also about the planet they walk on. That's why a portion of our sales go to supporting these worthy causes...
Green Lizard Australia™ - Supports the following Causes Green Lizard Australia™ - Supports the following Causes Green Lizard Australia™ - Supports the following Causes Green Lizard Australia™ - Supports the following Causes Green Lizard Australia™ - Supports the following Causes
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